New Android App In The Works

Day 1: Exploring layouts for the main screen.

So last night I started work on my second Android app. While I very much want to make a Pathfinder version of my Spellbook app, I decided to go with something totally different, which will hopefully expose me to different features in Android, which then might make their way back into the Spellbook app. Someone somewhere (link forthcoming) created a challenge to create a game and make $1 from it in the month of October. Meanwhile, Meg has been blogging away on her site, and we thought it might be fun to make a game that ties into her battle with the queue.

While not a lot has been finalized yet, we’re leaning towards a trivia game with intermittent moments of frantic action. The app will also let you view her reviews and her Netflix Queue.

I’m thinking of some fun areas to explore… live wallpapers of movie posters (for the app, not the home screen, though I suppose it could go both ways), notifications of new articles, etc. And of course I have to figure out how to code up a game… should I use openGL or vanilla Android stuff? The coming days will tell…

The schedule is pretty short, and I have a large project coming up at work at the end of the month, and I’m out of town this weekend… so really it’s not looking very good as far as actually making the deadline. But who knows?  I might as well try!

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