Spellbook – PF

Announcing the launch of the Spellbook – PF app on the Android Market!

Spellbook – PF serves as a quick way to reference spell descriptions for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

It’s goal is to make gaming sessions run smoother and with fewer interruptions. Using the My Spellbook feature, you can store a list of spells for you character for quick access. Each spell includes a notes section, where notes pertaining to that spell can be stored. A good example of this is storing monster stats with a Summon Monster spell. You can also store spells by alphabetical order, or by spell level (accessible as a menu option).

I hope you enjoy this app, and that it makes your roleplaying game sessions that much more fun!

Legal: Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and are used under license. See paizo.com/pathfinderRPG for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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  1. Dave S.

    Great job! very polished for version 1!

    December 9th, 2010

  2. Morten Våg

    Again, i thought i’d inform you about the lack of support for the smaller screens (i don’t know about HTC Wildfire, but atleast HTC Tattoo).

    I’d buy this if i only could find it in the market….

    December 13th, 2010

  3. Jens

    I just added small screen support to the d&d app. It will come to the Pathfinder app in the next few days.

    December 13th, 2010

  4. Morten Våg

    Ahh :) i just found the PF app in the marked (slipped my mind to search for it a while), but now that i have it, it’s stopping unexpectedly whenever i try to view spells by class-lists, everything else works fine thou.

    If it helps, it’s the process com.zalzala.spellbookpf (thou i suppose that’s the name of the process that contains the entire app)

    This is on a HTC Tattoo btw

    December 20th, 2010

  5. Jens

    Odd, I haven’t heard of that one. If you have the option to send an error report, please do. Otherwise, please download aLogcat and open the spellbook app after running aLogcat, then, after the crash, open aLogcat again and use the send feature to send me the log (anakin78z (at) gmail).


    December 22nd, 2010

  6. Morten Våg

    Nice fix, it works perfectly now :)
    Merry Christmas!!

    December 23rd, 2010

  7. Patch

    Pretty great app. A few comments tho.

    I love the My Spellbook section, it would be nice if the spells put into it.
    , were still sorted by level, as well as an option to make some indication on which spells are readied, and which have been cast.

    It would also be nice to be able to have indications on which schools each spell is from in the list form at the same time.

    One more thing, there are spells missing. When creating a Wizard, one is able to specialize in a school of magic. Doing so grants you spells only avalible in this way.

    December 26th, 2010

  8. Scott

    Great job! One thing i would find very useful would be the ability to sort by school, as well as class or level. It would be nice to see all necromancy spells, for example.

    December 28th, 2010

  9. PFS Theocrat Issak

    Previously used the PF Spellbook on my Samsung Moment and now on my Samsung Galaxy S rooted with the Truly Epic Rebirth OS.
    Awesome product. Use it all the time in Pathfinder Society Play here in Las Vegas. I’ve posted as much in the market feedback.
    Need to have the spells updated to the latest errata. I did notice that Blight Spell wasn’t updated to the latest errata (4th printing) – I didn’t check the others ones so I’m not sure if they also need updating. I’m working on updating my 1st printing to 4th printing errata and that’s how I realized it.
    I would also like to have particular spell books. I like the My Spell Book Option, but some way to list a spell in specific spell books. Naming them would be ideal, but understandable if that’s not an option. That way I can have a book for each character (or in this case, each PFS Module that I prep). Listing page number would also be helpful.
    An update with APG spells would be well appreciated as well.
    Theocrat Issak

    January 23rd, 2011

  10. Matthew

    Has there been any word about updating the pathfinder spellbook ap to include the apg or upcoming ultimate magic guide spell lists?

    February 1st, 2011

  11. Love the app. It’s so useful. I can’t wait for the APG spells! I’d also love it if. It included the Oracle revelations as well as the alternate domains

    February 13th, 2011

  12. Jens

    I’ve figured out a way to finally include the AGP spells, domains & classes, and it will happen in April, when in-app purchases go live in the market (no, they won’t cost you any extra… look for more detailed info in a later post :) ).

    February 13th, 2011

  13. Joshua Donovan

    Will you eventually add the information from the advanced players guide?

    February 13th, 2011

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