Spellbook – Pathfinder v2

I FINALLY managed to get a new version of the Pathfinder spellbook app out. I’ve been working on this update for months now, and it’s been a bit frustrating, simply not having enough time to get out a good update. It’s still not exactly what I want it to be, but there are LOTS of great changes in this version.

First and foremost, Advanced Player’s Guide spells and casting classes are now in the app! I’ve added full support for Oracle Mysteries and Patron spells, and I’m quite proud of how easy it is to use them. Mysteries, Patron Spells and Cleric Domains will now properly show in the My Spellbook section along with other marked spells when sorting by class.
Another big change is how spell descriptions are displayed. You might find that they are now easier to read, and that tables display properly.  Additionally, spells now link to each other in their descriptions. Simply click a link to go directly to that spells description.
There have been interface tweaks throughout. In the all spells list, you’ll now see a little mark next to spells marked as favorite. I think this little change makes a huge difference, and I want to get it into spell lists soon. You’ll also now get a helpful popup when scrolling through the list of All Spells, indicating the first letter of the spells you’re browsing through.
Search now works everywhere in the app. Apparently before it would only work in certain views. Just click the search button on your phone anywhere within the app, and search will be activated. I realize that some phones do not have search buttons, and I’m working on a solution for that issue.
Finally, the app no longer installs to the SD card by default. It can still be moved there, but every now and then it seems to cause an issue on someone’s phone, so I decided that I shouldn’t choose the location for them, and instead leave it up to Android to figure out.

I’m very excited to have this update done, and I’m already thinking about the next update, which hopefully won’t take this long to complete. There are a lot of things to look forward to, including many UX improvements and full tablet support.

As always,
Happy Gaming!

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  1. Jayarre

    Hello, I love this app with a mad savage passion. Will there be an update for ultimate magic?

    July 15th, 2011

  2. Please allow searching/filtering by spell schools! it would be great, for example, for a necromancer to see all necromancy spells. Thanks!

    July 31st, 2011

  3. jasonk

    I have Asus transformer android 3.2.1. I downloaded the pathfinder spell book and menu do not function.

    October 23rd, 2011

  4. jasonk

    Just got it working.
    Works great, wish there where small graphics or icons. Could seperate domains on my spell book.

    October 23rd, 2011

  5. Brian Hayden

    I’ve just bought the Spellbook – Pathfinder app for my Tishiba Thrive PC tablet. I would like to know where Android decides to put the app. I’m wanting to move it to my SD memory card but I’m having a very hard time finding the app file. I would appreciate any help that you can provide as to where to look.

    February 9th, 2012

  6. Jens

    You generally don’t touch the application files yourself and they are hidden from you. When you read about moving apps to the sd card to free up space, the setting is generally found under Settings> Applications > Manage Applications. Select the app and click move to SD. However, that option doesn’t seem to be available on Honeycomb tablets. Since these tablets use a larger shared internal memory, this shouldn’t really be an issue.

    February 9th, 2012

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