Happy Halloween! Here’s a pumpkin for you…

A while back I started playing with live wallpapers for Android and wrote something I called Rainbow Circles. A circle follows your touch on screen and can be flung across it, bouncing off the edges of the screen, with a trail of colorful circles following it. The fun part was that it counted the number of bounces. It quickly became a game among my friends to see who could get the highest number of bounces.

I never published that live wallpaper, but when someone on Google + mentioned they were looking for Halloween apps, I thought it would be fun to throw a theme on it and publish it. Instead of a circle, you have a pumpkin which illuminates when bouncing. The beautiful background art was created by Anna Gibson. You still have the trailing circles and bounce count to challenge your friends and see who can get the most! (There’s a trick to getting a lot of bounces… this is easier to pull off on some phones than others. A friend with an Evo ended up with over one million bounces!)

Happy Halloween!

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