Update on Chuck

So, it’s been 2 weeks, and Chloe is doing very well. She had her stitches removed, but more than anything, I think she’s happy she no longer has to wear that evil cone of shame. She’s pretty much back to normal: running to the kitchen to meow for food in the mornings, fighting for the best sunlit spots to nap in the afternoon, and jumping/climbing onto high places that realistically she should have no way of getting to.

One bummer is that she hasn’t changed her feelings about our dog… when she was sedated, she had no energy to swat him away, and he was very gentle with her, so we thought they might become friends. Now that she’s back to her usual self, she’s more inclined to hiss and swat at him. Oh well…

From Kitties

Chuck breaks a leg (but not in the good luck way)

You may have read a post some time ago, speculating that my cat had cancer. That initial diagnosis had been downgraded to a cist, which was a relief at the time, but basically we were looking at something growing in her left femur. This caused her to limp, but didn’t actually seem to hamper her too much, until last Saturday, that is. Whatever was growing in her leg had made the bone brittle, and as she was walking down the hallway, possibly chasing our newest feline family member, Mad Eye Moody, it simply snapped. Because of the underlying problem, repairing the bone wasn’t really an option, so the only thing we could do was amputate. It’s a strange thing to agree to, but apparently cats (and dogs) do very well after the procedure. In fact, while we were waiting, we saw a three legged dog bouncing around the waiting area, happy as could be. I guess that gave me some amount if confidence. Maybe she’ll be more mobile after the operation, not having to limp along on a brittle leg?

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