Using Camera Streak to photograph fireworks

It’s the 4th of July and the US is celebrating. As bbqs end and the skies darken, people gather to see a fireworks show in the sky. It’s a perfect time to ooh and aah and take some fun pictures to share.

The 4th of July provides ideal conditions for the Camera Streak app: Dark skies and bright, colorful flashes of light. Here are some tips on how to make the most of it tonight:

Fireworks Streaks 

Here are some example pictures taken in Streak mode. Streak simulates long exposure photographs, so you can capture streaks across the sky as rockets fly up and explode. Streak performance is unfortunately not realtime, so you have to pick the right settings to get a good result. ┬áThe pictures above were taken using a Streak Resolution of 320×240 and a Picture Resolution of 1024×768. If you want crisper images and care less about smooth streaks, up the Streak Resolution setting to 640×480. You might also find that you get better results by lowering the exposure. Do this by clicking the – button a few times. It will darken the sky even more and bright lights won’t be as blown out.

Bursts & manual pictures 

If you want to create some high quality compositions of fireworks, set the picture resolution higher (try 2048 x 1536. Anything higher and you might get an Out Of Memory warning, but it varies by device) and manually take multiple pictures, or use Burst to quickly take a few pictures in succession. You can play with framing and timing to create some cool compositions. Try capturing different color fireworks in different parts of the frame, to create one picture with lots of colorful fireworks.


All pictures were taking using the Lighten composite operation (under settings). Screen might also give interesting results, though Darken and Multiply should be avoided in this situation.

Grab Camera Streak from the Android Market and have fun shooting pictures tonight. Share your pictures in the morning!


Note: Not all devices support the same resolution settings, so use the settings above as guidelines.