MLITQ: Day 3

Didn’t really have time to do much on Day 2, but yesterday I spent some time working on getting content from the site. Ibm of all places had an old but good tutorial on how to bild an rss reader for Android. I quite like how the code is structured, and it works, though you can see that it’ll take some work to get it to display nice.

I’m also playing with transition animations. After watching the Windows Phone 7 keynote, I felt like adding some visual flair to transitions in the app. There are a few Layout Animation examples in the API Demos, and implementing one of them was a snap. Going beyond that though is proving to be a major headache, which is the way these things tend to work out. Again I’m hitting the limitations of my Java knowledge, and I realize that I should just finish that book I bought some time ago.

Meanwhile, Meg is building a database of trivia questions. I checked out some of the other trivia games on Android, and while I found a very nice one, the majority of them look extremely primitive and, well, ugly. I’m hoping that to add enough polish to this app to make it stand out of the crowd.