Running, pt 2

So, I went running again this morning, and against all better judgment decided to bring Sirius along. We didn’t get too far before we had to stop and play with another neighborhood puppy, but after that we actually got a good run in. He ran the better part of a mile, and kept a fairly good heel going. I tried to keep his pace at a brisk trot, which seemed to work well for him. A huge improvement in such a short time.


Went running this morning ( ), and we thought it might be a good idea to start bringing the dog along. I would run ahead while Megan kept a slower pace for the pup. At one point I got a call from Meg to please find her. Apparently Sirius (our dog) wasn’t really up for running. Instead he was up for stopping, smelling, pooping, barking, and other things that have nothing to do with running.
Well, now we know