Spellbook – D&D 3.5 v1.8, & 10,000+ downloads

So, I had to push out a quick update this morning. It seems that users who had not updated the app in a while were getting a database error. Thanks to Android’s error reporting I was able to find the issue quickly. Hopefully this only affected a few people who were on a much older version.
I’m also continuing to add small screen support, and am tweaking the layouts to work better on those screens. Doing this makes me realize how much I like Android’s theme support. It’s making these changes a breeze.

Oh, and did I mention that I passed 10,000 downloads? It seems like only the other day I was bragging about 5 thousand. I expect it’ll take a lot longer to get out of the 10,000 – 50,000 downloads category, but it’s a nice place to be!

Finally, I added a promo graphic, as a new version of the Android Market is rolling out, which makes use of this. It seems I did it just in time, as the market just updated on my phone!

Alright… back to work.

Happy Gaming!

Spellbook, v1.2 & play testing

I’ve released v1.2 to the Market:

  • Fixed Polymorph Any Object
  • Tweaked formatting on a lot of spells

After finding another broken spell (thanks J M!), I spent some time reformatting some of the spell descriptions. The biggest issue I’m having right now is with tables being legible. I’m trying to figure out the best way to rearrange them in a way that makes them easy to use on a small screen. You can check out Prismatic Wall to see what I’m talking about.

We also had another D&D session last night (with bbq, yum), so I got to do the first bit of play testing since the release of version 1.1. While there weren’t a lot of spells cast, I did however find that spell filtering came in very handy, but I agree that it’s not as obvious as having a search feature. I like how the contacts app works: if you hit the search button, it launches the search, or if you just start typing, it launches the search. I’ll have to see if I can get something similar going.
Another bummer was that the SRD is already showing it’s limits. There were several spells that my wife couldn’t add to her spellbook. Really it was only a tiny fraction of her spells, but it’s an issue to consider. Adding the ability to insert your own spells is something I’d love to add to the app, but it will require some restructuring.

If anyone has used the app during game play and would like to pass along their thoughts, please do!