I’m Moving!! :)

So, it takes a while to pack over 500 films and television shows, but I am almost done. While I don’t look forward to lifting all these (virtual) boxes, I am excited about the change to my site.  Please note that after this weekend, you can find my reviews at: www.mylifeinthequeue.com . That’s a whole lot easier to remember than www.zalzalaweb.com/meg, now, isn’t it? Smile  I am thrilled about the change and look forward to your continued interest at my new address.


As always, have a wonderful day!

Exciting plans for this site!

I was looking over my website today, when I realized I have been writing reviews since July 27. Wow, I can’t believe I am already about two and a half months into my little challenge. Time flies, huh? While I must admit that I haven’t made as much of a dent in my queue as I would have hoped—mostly due to my obsession with constantly adding titles—I have to say I have been enjoying myself immensely with this project.

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My Life in the Queue

I am not sure if this reflects poorly upon me, but my Netflix queue is full. Yes, full. When I went to add Dexter Season 4, the site told me I had reached my quota of titles allowed on a person’s queue. If you are wondering, the magic number appears to be 500. So, naturally, I removed His Girl Friday and Some Like it Hot to make room for the trials and adventures of that zany serial killer we all have grown to love (Sorry, but when push comes to shove, the classics are the first to go from the list).


For the rest of the day, I fumed and questioned why the site would limit my queue length– after all, don’t they want me to be sucked into the idea of keeping titles on my list and therefore never finding the need to unsubscribe from their oh-so-desirable services? My husband, being the logical being he is, consoled me and told me that the Netflix servers probably have only a certain amount of space and thus everyone should be limited.


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