Day 4: TIMER (2009)

I have a confession. I added something else to my watch instantly queue yesterday. The billboards for Pillars of the Earth tantalized me. I read the book about a year ago, and enjoyed it. Naturally, when I found out it would be a Starz mini series (and therefore most likely available on watch instantly), I kept my eyes peeled. Sure enough, it appeared on my “New to Netflix” list and I added it. So, I am back up to 203 on my instant queue. Hey, I didn’t say I would stop adding titles—more space on my queue was the inspiration for this blog in the first place. 😉


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Day 3: Life in Cold Blood (disc 1)


Perhaps I wasn’t entirely forthcoming about my list addiction on Netflix. I love adding shows to the queue. If I see a commercial for something that looks interesting, I add it. A friend has a recommendation for me? I add it. IMDB tells me a certain actor or director has done other work? I click add. Netflix tells me I might like it? Consider it added. Sometimes this list obsession has brought me gems, sometimes stinkers. But for sure, what this OCD-style list management has left me with the incredibly long queue.


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Day 2: Primevil Season 3 (or, as I like to call it: Abby, No!)

Today I removed Primevil Season 3 from my watch instantly list, reducing the total to 202 from 203. Now, before you get the idea that I watched 10 straight hours of this BBC sci-fi/fantasy series in one day (which would be on the border between really cool and really sad), let me clarify that I actually started this season a few weeks back.


Netflix recommended the series to me, so I decided to give it a whirl. It took me a few episodes to actually get into the first season, but once I did, I found myself strangely hooked. Slowly and methodically I made my way through seasons 1 & 2 (conveniently lumped together by Netflix). When I finished, I decided to add the third season to my queue.


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Day 1: Sweet Land (2005)

So, today was my first day if the Netflix challenge. Welcome back, me!


I woke up today with the intention of watching disc 1 of the Life in Cold Blood series—the only DVD I currently have at home from Netflix. Usually, I am all about watching a butt-kicking documentary, and one about reptiles seemed like it would be right up my alley. However, today I felt like watching a movie.


Loading up my queue page from Netflix, I gazed longingly at Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, but it is not expected to arrive until tomorrow. Doh. I switched over to my watch instantly queue. According to Netflix, I currently have 204 films available in this queue. I scrolled through the page a couple of times, trying to narrow my choices to a few films. A couple of documentaries almost made their way to my watch instantly player today, but the film that finally won out was the indie film, Sweet Land.


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My Life in the Queue

I am not sure if this reflects poorly upon me, but my Netflix queue is full. Yes, full. When I went to add Dexter Season 4, the site told me I had reached my quota of titles allowed on a person’s queue. If you are wondering, the magic number appears to be 500. So, naturally, I removed His Girl Friday and Some Like it Hot to make room for the trials and adventures of that zany serial killer we all have grown to love (Sorry, but when push comes to shove, the classics are the first to go from the list).


For the rest of the day, I fumed and questioned why the site would limit my queue length– after all, don’t they want me to be sucked into the idea of keeping titles on my list and therefore never finding the need to unsubscribe from their oh-so-desirable services? My husband, being the logical being he is, consoled me and told me that the Netflix servers probably have only a certain amount of space and thus everyone should be limited.


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