Day 27: The Back-Up Plan (2010)

Last Saturday I found myself alone at home with the cats and dog. My husband was working some overtime, and I felt like spending my evening in. Wait. I should preface this by stating that earlier in the day, I cleaned out the freezer and found a sleeve of Thin Mints from Girl Scout Cookie Season (score!). Two Netflix DVDs also arrived that day. There was Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge. So, let’s just say when the cat’s away, the mice will play.


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Day 26: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

When I was young, I used to sing the song, “On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed.” This meatball had several adventures as it rolled off the table and onto the floor. You can imagine everyone’s shock when it rolled right out the door! Subsequently, that meatball made its way to Hollywood. I imagine it packed its little meatball suitcase and boarded the meatball bus with dreams of making it big. It probably worked some odd jobs at restaurants or car dealerships; maybe dabbled in real estate before landing its first role. Although the part was only as an extra meatball in a commercial for an Italian restaurant, this meatball had dreams. The meatball wanted to see its name in lights.


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Awards, Schmoozing, and the Like

In a few hours the Emmys will air. The few people I have talked to about it, don’t seem to care. Maybe that is the attitude as of late regarding awards shows. There used to be a time when my sister, brother, and I would plan a party to watch the Oscars, the grandaddy of all overly-indulgent award shows. We would plan a menu and make goodies, print out ballots and mark our favorites, and set up camp in my parents’ living room for the entire day. Typically, we would start with Joan Rivers’ Oscar Specials from years past, comment on the outfits, and watch as E! (who really needs an exclamation point in their station name, anyway?) ran clips from the nominated films. MST3K had a brilliant Oscar special– and we giggled our way through this many a time (“Oh, no! The bug’s been eating at Taco Bell all day!”).


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Day 25: Bones, season 3 and 4

I think I may have had my fill of Bones for a while. I ravenously watched the first two seasons. I even enjoyed most of the third season. But I am about halfway through the fourth right now, and I have to put my gluttonous consumption of this show on hold for the time being.


Season three seems to have been cut short by the writers’ strike; as there are only 15 episodes instead of the usual 26. During this season, the team solves their typical crimes and deal with the daily lab drama—all while chasing a cannibalistic, conspiracy-theorist serial killer. I don’t know if they were in a rush to finish the season or they just took the easy way out, but it takes a turn for the weird and unbelievable. However, on the plus side, they introduce a new character, Dr. Sweets (played by John Francis Daley from Freaks and Geeks), as a psychologist and profiler. While it took me a couple of episodes to recognize him as an adult—and without his comic books, Dungeons and Dragons accessories, or his membership card to the av club– I found him to be an interesting addition to the team.


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Day 24: Dexter, season 4, discs 3 & 4

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that watching the fourth season of Dexter gives me weird dreams that border on nightmares. The show can be pretty messed up at times, and this season may have been the creepiest—namely because of John Lithgow. I have mentioned his role as one of the most disturbing serial killers portrayed onscreen before, but I could probably reiterate that he really deserved the Golden Globe he won for this role. For once, one of those awards shows got it right.


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Day 23: Planet B-Boy (2007)

I am beginning to wonder how films actually end up on my Netflix queue. While I openly admit to adding things after watching trailers, talking to friends, or taking Netflix recommendations, I have found a surprising amount of titles that I don’t remember at all. Does a little elf add random movies to my Netflix queue while I sleep? If so, I should find that elf and thank it for adding Planet B-Boy.


Planet B-Boy is a documentary following several breakdancing teams as they compete in an international competition held in Germany. Through interviews we learn a bit about the history of this style of dance, as well as the competitors and their families. While the competition hosts teams from several countries, this film focuses on teams from the U.S., Korea, Japan, and France; allowing the audience to understand the art form (and sport) from several cultures’ and peoples’ points of view.


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Day 22: Seven Pounds (2008)

Right now, I am 20 minutes, 24 seconds into Seven Pounds. I surrender. I give up. I am waving the proverbial white flag and admit my defeat. This movie will not have any more of my time or attention.


Perhaps I am just not in the mood for a movie about a depressed former jerk who wants to give a “gift” to a few deserving individuals (I am going out on a limb here and saying organ donation. Subtlety is not this film’s forte). It’s a gorgeous day here, and my mood may not mesh with this film at this time.


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Day 21: Bones, season 2

About halfway through the second season of Bones, I realized I was actually watching the series for a love story. A love story? What the heck, me? I found myself powering through the season to find out if two of the characters end up together. No, sadly, I wasn’t worried if the two main characters, Bones and Booth, hook up. I was more interested in the side story of Angela and Hodgins. What have I become?


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Day 20: Dexter, season 4, discs 1 & 2

Oh, Dexter, we have a problem. Well, several problems to be exact.


First, why do you keep ending episodes with cliffhangers? Now I am dependent on the mail to bring me the exciting conclusion of your latest escapades. I feel like a needy young girl who just started to date a guy she really likes. Only instead of checking the phone to see if he has called, I keep checking to see if the mail has arrived. Please don’t leave me hanging like this.


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Day 19: 30 Rock, season 3 (2008)

So, today I will be discussing 30 Rock, season 3. I would rather talk about disc 1 of Dexter, season 4, but I told my husband I would watch the episodes with him. This is really a test of my willpower as we watched two of the three episodes on the first disc. Why do I have to make promises that are so difficult to keep?

So far, I am liking this season of Dexter. John Lithgow is phenomenal. He is super creepy and kind of has me freaked out—and we have only seen two episodes! I am excited to see where this will take me. Speaking of serial killers, in 30 Rock, Jenna and Tracy think Kenneth is a serial killer who has several bodies hidden in his bedroom. Of course this is all one crazy mix- up (or is it? Dun, dun, DUN), and hilarity ensues.


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