Day 59: The X-Files: Season 2 (1994)

There is something not quite right about me. Now, I’m not talking about the fact that I am older than six years old and I still wear shirts with kitties on them. Nor am I referring to the habit I have of making up songs to sing to the pooch (Although I must admit, the one about the bone-bone is pretty catchy). Or the fact that, on occasion, a handful of Cheetos sounds like the biznomb. Or the fact that I just wrote biznomb in my post today. Hmm….yeah, all of those habits are not quite right, but I was actually referring to my obsession with television shows. I have a compulsive need to finish entire seasons (series, even) as fast as possible. True, I am the type of a person who reads the last page of a mystery, then reads the rest of the book; so I am sure the desire to know what happens propels my compulsive TV habits. But I also just love stories—of all kinds– and I enjoy following interesting characters on their adventures. And isn’t television just the perfect medium for this?

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Film Flashback: The Goonies (1985)

I love the 80s. No, I am not talking about the VH1 show—but mostly about 80s pop culture (which is, funny enough, what that show is about). The movies are so over the top, the music is catchy, and the hair is big. Some of the films I watched as a kid created this bizarre love of movies within me. I realize now that it was total escapism. Willow was not real–though I probably spent more time trying to find out more about Nockmaar than was considered healthy. The Ghostbusters were just a bunch of comedians, and didn’t really have knowledge about the supernatural. At this point, I question whether Corey did, in fact, have a License to Drive. But the films were fun, youthful, and (maybe I am projecting my inner child here) innocent.

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Day 58: The Descent: Part 2 (2009)

I guess titles say a lot about a film. They can draw the viewer in like a siren singing the melodic song to attract sailors. They can be informative; telling the audience exactly what to expect. They can be catchy, like something out of a P.T. Barnum handbill or a Mark Twain witticism. Or they can be just plain boring. Such is the case with The Descent: Part 2. I should have considered myself warned.

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Day 57: Encounters at the End of the World (2007)

Encounters at the End of the World just wasn’t what I thought it would be. Come to think of it, I don’t know what I expected from this film. I did know it had something to do with Antarctica, that it wasn’t about a family of penguins, and that it was directed by Werner Herzog (who is perhaps most recently known for his film, Grizzly Man). I also I knew it was nominated for a “Best Feature Length Documentary” Oscar (I don’t know why I actually bother to use this as a measure of a film’s quality, but, sadly, I still do at times) . And, as reliable as death and taxes, I added it to my queue shortly thereafter. As to be expected, I ended up watching this film a few years after I put it on my queue. Typical me.

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Day 56: The Crazies (2009)

Halloween (or, as my spell check wants to say, Hallowe’en) is fast approaching. Next week at this time, I will be running to the grocery store to buy the last bags of Hallowe’en candy. It is our first year in our new home, and we expect to have trick or treaters. However, when they see the second rate candy we will most likely be handing out (because all of the good stuff sold out by the time I am motivated to buy it), I am sure our house will be branded as the house with the bad treats. Neighbors will shun us. People will cross the street to avoid our house. Kids will throw eggs and rotten tomatoes at the front porch. Dogs will leave “presents” in our front lawn. All because I bought the wrong candy. No pressure. Yeah, I know I could go to the store early to guarantee the acquisition of acceptable candy, but I had stuff to do today. Stuff that included not being able to finish The Crazies. Sorry. Another one bites the dust.

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Day 55 : Being Human, series 1 (2008)

You would that think by now I would know how to spot a vampire when I see one. The same goes for werewolves–and don’t get me started on ghosts. I’ve read all of the Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse series; and watched the shows that were born from these two franchises. Hell, I even watched Fright Night, which, oddly enough, kind of combined the whole vampire and wolf thing. I have seen enough Ghost Hunters episodes to earn me respect on several internet forums (should I choose to comment). So you think I would be prepared for a show like Being Human. Yeah, one would think that, but I guess I wasn’t.

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Film of the Month Club: Get Ready for Goonies!

Pull out those leg warmers you had stashed for a rainy day. Tease your bangs to astronomical heights. Listen to some Cyndi Lauper (hey, it’s empowering). Buy a case of Baby Ruth bars. Dust off your treasure hunting shoes. I plan to take a trip down memory lane and watch The Goonies. Do you feel up for the adventure?

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Day 54: Sunshine Cleaning (2008)

I am waiting ever so patiently for the UPS truck to arrive. Ever so patient, I am. You see, the UPS truck has precious cargo—or at least, precious to me—Fallout: New Vegas. Now, I won’t waste your time talking about how psyched I am for this video game; I did enough of that yesterday. But still, I wait. To pass the time (and to knock off another title from the list), I watched Sunshine Cleaning. Yeah, I’ll be honest; I chose it because it was 91 minutes long. Hey, I have to save some of this motivation for Fallout, right?

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Day 53: Gamer (2009)

I expect this week to be awesome. Not only is my birthday fast approaching and the weather feels more like fall every day; but within the next day or two, I will be spending quality time in Vegas. I don’t mean Las Vegas (I was just there this past weekend)– but New Vegas. What I believe will be my favorite video game of the year (if prior games are any indication) releases tomorrow. Sweet, sweet, post-apocalyptic Fallout: New Vegas; we will have some quality time together soon. Yeah, I know, I really have enough to do with my free time as is with TV and Netflix; but trust me, I will make time for Fallout, I always do. In honor of this much anticipated release, I decided to stick with the whole video game theme and watched Gamer (OK, folks, you should know by now that quality does not always win out in my queue selections).

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Day 52: Bolt (2008)

All I wanted to do today was watch some X-Files, season 2. It’s cold and cloudy here. I just felt like putting on some flannel pants, popping my toesies in a soft pair of slippers, and curling up on the sofa for some unexplained cases and conspiracy theories. Is that so wrong? Apparently it was. I am nowhere close to finishing the second season (if I started it when I woke up today and watched episodes back to back until I went to sleep, I still wouldn’t have the season finished), and I know I had to knock something off of my queue today. Naturally, the runner-up was Bolt. You know what I always say (or always, starting right now), “If you can’t watch conspiracy shows, a talking dog is the next best thing.” I am sure that adage is one for the ages.

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