Fall TV Extravaganza Wrap-Up, Week 1

Wow. I didn’t think I could do it, but I did. I watched most of the stuff on my DVR/Hulu queue. I did this while still slowly whittling away (sometimes ever so slowly) at my Netflix queue. Fall TV episodes start to blur with films from my queue. When there are gaps in my thoughts, clips from The X-Files season one filter in (like sands through an hourglass…). Suffice it to say, I am pretty much on media overload. My brain feels like mush (which, technically it kind of is since it is just tissue with no skeletal structure. Thanks, Bones!).


I steadily worked my way through my Fall Preview list. Overall, I am not yet jumping for joy at what I watched. Admittedly, I usually have issues with “the first show”– whether it be a pilot, or just the first of the season. They tend to be awkward. They try too hard. Why do most shows assume that just because we took a break as a audience, they took a break on the show as well? When I put down a book for a couple of days, does it suddenly jump ahead a few days when I finally pick it back up? While some shows doing this I have no problem with (for example if the premise is based upon a school year or such); for others, it can seem a bit weird (and that says a lot, coming from me!).


So, in brief, this was my week.



How I Met Your Mother: Oh, how I missed How I Met Your Mother. So far we have learned that Ted will meet his future wife at a wedding (which we flash forward to in this episode). Who’s wedding, you may ask? Well, we aren’t told. Could it be Robin or Barney’s wedding? Or Robin and Barney’s wedding? Time will tell. While this episode wasn’t as epically awesome as some (two words: Robin Sparkles), it still elicited a few chuckles. This show is a keeper for sure.

House: When we last left House, things between he and Cuddy seemed to heat up. She had just dumped Lucas (what?) and House actually felt remorse about a patient he lost (huh?). During the first episode, House and Cuddy each take the day off to have a love-fest; and things go to the crapper at the hospital while they are out. At the same time, Thirteen calls it quits and totally cuts off contact from everyone (movie career, anyone?). My husband wonders if House is imagining Cuddy again. I disagree, but it could be an interesting twist (though one that has already been done). However, I am worried House may be on a downward spiral. I think when a show uses the phrase “my lady parts are burning,” it’s time to be wary.

Castle: Castle is back! Castle is back! And he has to deal with the hurt feelings of his former colleagues down at the station. He should have just called after his summer hiatus, but he didn’t. This led to a potentially awkward situation when Kate and Co. find him holding a gun in a dead woman’s apartment. Oops. Of course, he decides to help the gang solve the crime. Keep up the good work!

Hawaii 5-0: I am torn about this show. The first episode seemed a little “we are getting the gang together,” and hopefully that wears off in the next show. I haven’t seen the original series, so I don’t know how this compares. Scott Caan surprised me, as I found him to be the most believable in his role (this from the co-star of Ready to Rumble. Who knew?). However, the writing is a little hit or miss for me, and the other acting seemed a bit stilted at times. I am willing to give it a second chance. I will report back next week. Hopes are still high.

Chase: Apparently, I forgot to add this to my DVR. I just put it in my hulu queue and will review it once I watch it. I know– it’s only the Monday shows and I am already behind!

The Event: I couldn’t watch the episode in its entirety. I don’t mind when time jumps around. Hell, I am all for creative storytelling. I do mind, however, when they keep replaying the same scene over and over. Yes, I realize Jason Ritter has a gun on the plane. I am sure stuff will happen, I just didn’t care enough to finish the episode. In all fairness, I will try to complete it to see if it improves. If not, it is taking a flying leap from my list. Flying, get it? Yeah, I really don’t either.



Glee: Man, I almost stopped watching this show after the first five minutes. The whole gossip-coverage video at the beginning really didn’t work for me. Does this exist in high school (I guess it could be argued that random choreographed singing and dancing doesn’t happen either, but at least I find that entertaining, not super duper annoying)? Surprisingly, I like the new characters– especially the football coach (poor Ken), and am curious what their story arcs will be. I am sorry to say, but overall, I was kind of “meh” about this episode. I had been waiting so long for the triumphant return and my expectations were probably too high to be met; but I am still super excited about the rest of the season.

The Biggest Loser: Funny enough, I watched this show while doing Free Step on Wii Fit. It was actually a lot better than I imagined it would be (the show, not the Free Step. The Free Step was just as I expected). This is slightly upsetting to me because now I have yet another reality show that I am going to be sucked in to. Unlike many other reality shows, however, this one appears to be more positive and inspiring. Yay!

Raising Hope: OK, the hype was so worth it. This has to have been one of the more pleasant surprises from the first week of fall TV. It is quirky, at times wrong, but consistently funny. Martha Plimpton flipping rocks. She is hilarious and no-nonsense all wrapped up in a cleaning lady’s uniform (who else could make clubbing a young woman over the head with a TV funny?). They already set the bar high for this show—I expect great things from the rest of the season.

Detroit 1-8-7: This is a decent show. I don’t know if the characters will pull me in enough to watch it religiously, but not bad. It ended on a sour note with an extremely hokey last scene. Bleh! I really, really dislike the way writers try to “toy” with their audience by creating a character with a tragic story or so much to live for, then—oh! Surprise, surprise!–the character bites the big one (see the number six on lessons learned from The Fast and the Furious). I was pretty much on board until then.



The Middle: I’m sorry, but is it odd that I get flashbacks to my childhood when I watch this show? I try to tell myself that I couldn’t have been as clueless as Sue, but Sue doesn’t even realize she is clueless. Well, I surely grew out of it…. right? I am already hooked to this show and I will be watching the entire season. Oh yes, I will be watching—but if Sue goes to prom in a purple sequin dress, I am checking the credit list for my mom’s name.

Modern Family: “It was my personal Vietnam. And I was in Vietnam.” Ah, precious. I love this show—it may be one of my favorite on television. Need I say more?

America’s Next Top Model: If I were to have seen this show– and I am not admitting that I have– I would have seen makeover week. Makeover week?! As always (um, as I have been told), makeover week is one of the better weeks to watch ANTM. There is sure to be one or two contestants who become distraught over having to cut their hair—have they not seen the show before? Anyway, if I were to have watched it (and I’m not saying I did), I would be pretty p.o.’ed that the silly DVR stopped recording with five minutes left (in order to record another show); therefore, theoretically not allowing me to see who got kicked off. I mean, if I had watched it, that is.

The Defenders: Crapola. I forgot to set the DVR to record this one as well. Doh. I will have to either catch it on CBS.com or wait until next week.



Big Bang Theory: Huzzah! The Big Bang Theory is back! While Penny chauffeurs Sheldon on his date, Raj and Leonard have to come to Howard’s rescue. You see, Howard “borrowed” a dexterous robot arm from work, and, well, I am sure you can imagine what he thinks to do with it. Classic BBT. Although I didn’t come away with any quotable lines like I have in previous episodes (“Good night, puny humans”), I wasn’t left disappointed. I was, however, left wanting to watch more. Only six more days….

30 Rock: I will have to catch this on hulu soon-ish. I am sure it was adequately good or better.

Community: This show has an awesome cast, so I was kind of hoping it would be better than what it was. I know, I know, I missed the first season, and maybe it would help establish characters if I caught up on a few episodes. This is not on the cut list, but I am keeping my eye on it.

Outsourced: I am sorry, but I wasn’t a fan of this show. I typically give any show two episodes to win me over, and I will abide by this– but this show is really close to the DVR chopping block.

The Mentalist: Sigh, I haven’t seen this yet. I promised my husband we would watch it together, and I am a woman of my word.

Bones: Um, I think I missed a lot as I haven’t yet seen season 5 of Bones. Season six starts with the whole crew having gone their separate ways (what happened? What did you do, Bones?). They are all called back to work on a case in an attempt to save Cam’s job. After overindulging and watching the first four seasons almost back to back, taking a break from the show for a month, and catching this episode; I feel like I am addicted again. Damn. Soon I will find season five at the top of my queue—just to see what happened before this one began. Darn you, Bones!!!


Ah, TV. I am afraid to add up how many hours I spent with you this week. While I can’t say that overall I am disappointed in what you offered me so far in the fall season; I’m not feeling the same excitement I felt towards you a few days ago. I will give it another week before I cut a few shows, allowing me a little more free time. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to break away from TV this weekend—get out more, as some would say. Hmm… however, I do know that Civilization V was released a few days ago—it could be worth a look, right?


Thanks for reading! Have an awesome weekend!! :)

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  1. Ok, first off, Ready to Rumble was an awesome film in its own right. I feel that these kind of movies don’t get enough credit…

    Secondly, Modern Family and the Middle were awesome, and probably comprise the best single hour in the week.

    Raising Hope is my favorite new show… any show where 2 people throw up on a baby, then the baby throws up on itself, and it’s not animated… well, it’s got my vote!

    September 24th, 2010

  2. meg

    Yeah, so far the sitcoms have been pretty awesome! :)

    October 2nd, 2010

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