So Far, So Good: Halfway Through Week 2 of Fall TV

Oh crap. I am already behind on watching my fall TV shows– and it’s only week two. Admittedly, I started to lag within the first few days of the season last week; but it’s already Wednesday and I haven’t caught up with watching all my Monday shows yet. Doh.


From last week…..

Hell’s Kitchen: At a birthday party for a friend’s kid last Saturday, I realized I hadn’t seen nor even mentioned Hell’s Kitchen in my week one wrap-up. Now, I don’t know if it was all the screaming that reminded me of Gordon Ramsey’s incessant yelling on the show or the freaking hot weather—but something certainly brought Hell to mind. Needless to say, my husband and I zipped on home after the soiree and watched us some Hell’s Kitchen.


Imagine my surprise when I found not one, but two—TWO—episodes on hulu waiting patiently for me. Did I miss a week? Did I fall through some type of wormhole when I was cleaning my garage and end up a week in the future? Nope. Apparently FOX aired a double episode of the show last week. And it’s happening again tonight. It’s like running in mud, I swear. I just can’t catch up.


So, we sat down and watched the two hours of Hell’s Kitchen. Maybe I have hit the point of media overload, but I am not a huge fan of it yet (and I have been watching this show for years). Are the contestants really that combative and incompetent? I swear the casting department found the most volatile group of chefs/cooks out there (and why am I doubtful about the validity of a few? Are they plants?). Ramsey’s fuse got even shorter (maybe it was cold out) and he is likely in danger of losing his voice from the constant yelling. I will still watch the show because (a) I have already invested several years of loyalty to it and (b) I am a pushover. However, I would advise people to turn the volume down a bit or your ears will suffer the consequences.


Chase: I watched the first two episodes of  this (essentially) “cops and criminals” show. At this point, I am indifferent. It’s not horrible, but the characters have yet to really connect with me. So far they have chased a killer and a killer. Hmm. The main character also listens to the criminal’s favorite music because it helps her find them. Yep, OK. Maybe this is all that the marshals do, but I was hoping to see them chase other types of criminals. Maybe someone who steals people’s identity, a thief, or even those who jaywalk could mix the show up a bit. Food for thought. While this show won’t be axed (yet) from my hulu queue, I don’t know if I will be watching it every week.



The Amazing Race: Have you ever wanted to see a lady get smacked in the face with a watermelon as she tries to slingshot it at a set of armor? You have? It’s been a life’s dream? Well, consider that dream fulfilled and watch The Amazing Race. I am fairly certain I am one of the last people to get on board with this show. If, for some strange reason, you are less “with it” than I am and haven’t seen it; The Amazing Race is essentially a worldwide scavenger hunt. Whether it’s because of the mediocre choices on Sunday or because I am actually entertained, I will keep this in my DVR queue.


Undercover Boss: I know, I know– yet another reality show that makes its way on my list. But unlike much of reality TV, this is not a contest. No one gets booted off or faces elimination. Instead, we get to see CEOs scrub toilets (or at least in the first episode). And I kind of like it—not because it makes executives do manual labor, but because it allows those in charge to really learn about the work their employees do. When it comes time to reveal the boss’ true identity, so far the employees are not only praised for their work, but also rewarded (this tends to be in the form of vacations, promotions, or help with a specific aspect of their life). While I am sure it could be argued that the show is a publicity stunt to promote the featured companies, I would like to be slightly less cynical. Sure, I will concede that Undercover Boss could be a great advertisement, but it also seems to help people (if what they say on the show is true). Whatever. I will leave the cynicism for the weekdays. For now, I will blissfully and ignorantly watch Undercover Boss and take what it says at face value.



House: OK, last week the writers of House blessed the audience with the line about lady parts burning. Ah, delightful. This week we learned that House and Cuddy’s relationship is NOT only in House’s head (a round of “I told you so’s” goes out to my husband here). They are trying to work through the power dynamic at work now that they are in a relationship. Yeah, it’s a kind of typical House episode. Nothing to write home about, but no lady parts burned. I will call it a draw.


How I Met Your Mother: Barney learned that Bob Barker was not his real father (say what?). He and his half brother (played by Wayne Brady) meet up with a man who could potentially be a father to one of them. Robin also accidentally sends a text to a bunch of people that Ted has issues with bladder control. Lilly and Marshal eat sloppy joes. This was a pretty enjoyable episode. I think How I Met Your Mother is getting back in the swing of things. High six!


The Event: This is the first show I am eliminating from my queue. It’s outta there. I don’t care if they are trying to promote it as the new Lost. I’m over it.


$#*! My Dad Says: My husband started watching this. I tried. I just can’t do it. Sorry.


Castle: Review to follow later this week…. This is one I promised my husband I would watch with him. You don’t mess with a man’s Nathan Fillion time. Did that sound wrong? :/


Hawaii 5-0: OK, I am kind of into this show. It really improved from last week. I like the character interactions. The story was a little predictable, but, eh, the scenery is nice. It all balances out. I will watch next week to see where it goes.



Glee: Darn it, Glee. You are letting me down a bit. I wasn’t super psyched when I found out it was going to be a Brittney Spears episode– but surprisingly it wasn’t because of Brittney Spears. It was actually because I found the Madonna episode to be kind of a stretch as far as the story goes. And like the Madonna episode, it didn’t really work for me. Sure, there will be those (probably 99% of the population) who will disagree with me, but I used to really like the story. You know, Glee, story– do you remember what that is? To me (and I am not a literature scholar here), several students having Brittney Spears musical fantasies due to being drugged by nitrous oxide at the dentist does not a story make.


Sure, most of the music was really good. I especially liked the Paramore song at the end. That was probably the best song of the season so far. But the “(Hit Me) Baby One More Time” song (and the essentially shot-for-shot redo of the original music video) fell flat. Honestly, the original version of this song was so much better than the one in this episode. I will keep watching, because I, too, have been caught up in the hype whirlwind (and I still enjoy it)–but I really thought “The Road to Sectionals” part of the first season was phenomenal. I know, high standards.


Raising Hope: This has to be my favorite new show on television. In last night’s episode, they attempted to find daycare for Hope– only after Jimmy and his dad take the baby to their landscaping job (they strapped the car seat to the riding lawnmower. But at least she was wearing noise-canceling headphones). So far, this show has not let me down. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a try.


The Biggest Loser and Detroit 1-8-7: I will most likely watch these in the next few days. Based on the first week, I predict I will like The Biggest Loser and drop Detroit 1-8-7. But we will see.


Tonight will bring The Middle, Modern Family, ANTM, and The Defenders to my queue. Happy TV watching!

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