Day 50: National Geographic: Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure (or, my worst nightmare)

I’ve always said that I intend to be totally honest in my blog. So far, I think that I have achieved this. Sure, I have apparently been harsh on a few films. But in my defense, I think both Hot Tub Time Machine and The Book of Eli totally deserved what I gave them. Anyway, they started it. And maybe my choice of films and tv shows can be questionable at best (yes, I do love my ANTM and Bones). But I have always been myself in the posts. Continuing in this vein, I do need to confess something that could possibly cost me readers.


I have bizarre, irrational fears. Fears that haunt me– in my daily life, in my subconscious (via dreams), and eventually resurface in my selection of viewing material. I realize that most people fear something– spiders, heights, clowns, snakes, or taking a pop quiz while wearing their birthday suit. Yeah, I get that. However, I have two really odd fears. The fear of fish (ichthyophobia) and the fear of dinosaurs (ornithoscelidaphobia). Just to set the record straight, I am aware that dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years and the likelihood of a fish knocking at my door (well, except for the Land Shark) is unfounded; but those are my crazy fears and I love them (in my defense, how likely is it that someone has a dangerous run-in with a clown?) . My fears make Jurassic Park so much more fun to watch (I can’t tell you how many nights I used to literally run from my car to the front door just in case there was a large reptile waiting to burst from the darkness and consume me). And let me tell you, I may be the only person who gets an adrenaline rush when visiting the aquarium—woo hoo. So, my two seemingly unrelated fears met up today in the form of a documentary entitled Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. Sweet.


Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventures is a National Geographic special that clocks in at 39 minutes (coincidentally, this was also one of the reasons I decided to watch it today). It follows the tale (tail for those who love puns but wish to remain anonymous) of a female dolichorhynchops, or “dolly”–which is way cuter to say and is better suited for anthropomorphic purposes. Dolly the dolly navigates her way through the prehistoric sea, and often just misses being dinner for some other more vicious predator. The documentary follows her life, exploring the world around her, until she meets her (spoiler alert!) blissful end from old age (what?).


While far from perfect, this film seemed to have a higher production value than some historical recreation shows. At times, I was quite impressed by the effects; while other moments seemed fairly cheesy. I thought the information was conveyed quite effectively—often the show flashed back between scenes of excavation to those showing the creatures “alive” in their animated glory.


However, I felt the story seemed a little out of place. At first it started out a buddy picture with two little dollies (were they trying to be the Jurassic Lethal Weapon? I am not sure, although I definitely questioned the authenticity of the dollies packing heat and carrying badges. Keep in mind, however, that I am no paleontologist). Then, when dolly one is (spoiler alert) eaten alive; it becomes a story of hardship and overcoming all odds. With dinosaurs and giant fish.


I am a total dork and I like to watch science, history, and nature shows; and I have to admit that this one was actually pretty good. This puts me in an awkward position. How do I score this? Do I compare it to other movies in its genre or to the films I have already seen? Since I tend to be a wishy washy person, I decided to do both, then average out the grade. For a science special, I would give it a B. But, compared to other films and shows I have seen, I would say it is average—a C. And, because I am feeling generous today, I will round that up to a good old, B-. Here’s hoping my dreams are not fraught with dino-fish chasing me.


Until tomorrow! :) Make it a wonderful day!


Score: B-

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