Exciting plans for this site!

I was looking over my website today, when I realized I have been writing reviews since July 27. Wow, I can’t believe I am already about two and a half months into my little challenge. Time flies, huh? While I must admit that I haven’t made as much of a dent in my queue as I would have hoped—mostly due to my obsession with constantly adding titles—I have to say I have been enjoying myself immensely with this project.


Throughout this journey, I have discovered some awesome new shows (like The IT Crowd and Breaking Bad), some surprisingly cool documentaries (Planet B-Boy and Life in Cold Blood come to mind here), and a few disappointments (for shame, Land of the Lost, for shame…. Although, should I really have been surprised?).  I am psyched to see what else my queue has in store for me.


This is the first webpage I have ever made, and I am striving to make it better.  I have a few ideas that I intend to implement in the near future. As always, I am open to suggestions and ideas; so please feel free to email me or leave me a comment about what you would like to see.


Here is what I have in the works right now:


It’s All About the Queue…

Recently, I added a few features to my site. I  included a widget that shows the first ten DVDs in my queue and RSS feeds that show the top titles for my DVD queue and my Watch Instantly queue. I am a little disappointed that (so far) I am only able to show only a portion of my massive list. In the future (um, not like The Jetsons’ future or that of Tomorrowland, but in the upcoming weeks), I would love to include a page that shows my entire queue. This should provide evidence as to the full extent of my obsession with lists and movies. Also, I don’t always watch the titles in the order listed. If all of my queue is available to see, there would be no moments of: “Where the hell did this movie come from.” Instead, it would be, “Why the hell did she choose this film to watch.”


I Flipping Love Movies and TV.  Is That So Wrong?

Totally. While I won’t inundate the site with a bunch of media stories and the like (she wore what?), I do plan to include the occasional post about the experience of watching movies or television. Whether it be a random snack that I made at home for movie night and I want to share the recipe, or just general commentary on the experience itself (look for my first post complaining about those stupid commercials on DVDs that won’t allow you to skip ahead or fast forward. Boo!!); I want to expand my content beyond reviews. I should probably mention that I make a mean homemade Oreo cookie. Keep your eyes open for the recipe next time I whip up a batch. :)


Show Me the Banner!

Yeah, I will be the first to admit that it would be sweet if I had a new banner for the site—preferably with a new logo. I am no artist, but I am slowly working on design ideas. Give it time, and hopefully the site will have a cool new look!  Any votes for a logo with an animated tap-dancing cat? It would be done tastefully, I swear. 😉


Is There an App for That?

Well, I am glad you asked! My husband is starting to work on an Android app that would tie-in with my blog. In addition to containing the RSS feed to my site and looking pretty, we want to include a movie trivia game as well. It is still in the early stages, but I will post updates as he progresses. How sweet is that?


Mobilize, Mobilizing, Mobilized, Mobilization, Muppets

Who only checks the internet on their computer anymore? With the increased use of smart phones, tablets, and the like, I am going to make a mobile site for this page. Yeah, it probably won’t look much different, but hopefully it will be slightly easier to read when you are on the go. Wakka Wakka.


Houston, I Have a Problem.

And that problem is my obsession to list everything. And I do mean everything (almost). This list obsession is what created my overwhelming Netflix Queue. Not only do I have a crazy long DVD queue, but my “to read” list is pretty massive. I love to read just as much (if not more) than watching movies/TV. So, I may also include links to my goodreads list, as well as reviews of books as I knock them off that queue. Plus, I just read The Passage by Justin Cronin and really want to talk about it with someone (even if it is, possibly, a one-sided conversation). Hey, if you are lucky, I may even slap on a playlist or two of my musical selections. Then you, too, could enjoy three straight hours of  “Ice, Ice, Baby.” Let me tell you, that stuff never gets old. “All right, stop, collaborate and listen….”


Not surprisingly, I have tried a number of ways to manage my lists. Until recently, I have relied on the handy dandy  paper and pencil. But lately, I have been experimenting with different apps and programs (like Remember the Milk, SpringPad, and Astrid). I will also start posting reviews of list/to-do software. Hopefully there is something out there that I can rely on to organize my thoughts, tasks, and the like. Fingers crossed.


Look to the Past…

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about movies from our childhood. We reminisced about our favorite lines, stories, and what we felt when we saw these films. However, when she remarked that she just rewatched one of these films and had an entirely different reaction; I was intrigued. I LOVE movies (especially from the 80s and 90s—yeah, I know, total geek :) ); and combined with my innate love for lists,  I, of course, started a list of movies I adored years back (and will post this shortly). Each month, I will get in my celluloid time machine and watch one of these “classics.” Then I will review the film—reflecting on my remembered impressions and compare that to my reactions watching these films 20-25 years later. Yeah, providing my (sometimes harsh) opinion on classic, beloved films from people’s childhoods is bound to go over well. Rock on.


So, that is what is in store for this site in the upcoming weeks and months. I appreciate everyone’s comments and feedback. Thank you so much for reading and bearing with my quirky reviews and references. If you have any suggestions for my site; or recommendations of movies, TV, or books you think I would enjoy (or would like to see me review), please let me know.


Have an fantastic day!

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