Day 59: The X-Files: Season 2 (1994)

There is something not quite right about me. Now, I’m not talking about the fact that I am older than six years old and I still wear shirts with kitties on them. Nor am I referring to the habit I have of making up songs to sing to the pooch (Although I must admit, the one about the bone-bone is pretty catchy). Or the fact that, on occasion, a handful of Cheetos sounds like the biznomb. Or the fact that I just wrote biznomb in my post today. Hmm….yeah, all of those habits are not quite right, but I was actually referring to my obsession with television shows. I have a compulsive need to finish entire seasons (series, even) as fast as possible. True, I am the type of a person who reads the last page of a mystery, then reads the rest of the book; so I am sure the desire to know what happens propels my compulsive TV habits. But I also just love stories—of all kinds– and I enjoy following interesting characters on their adventures. And isn’t television just the perfect medium for this?


That brings me to today. A momentous day for me– I just finished watching The X-Files: Season 2. All I can say is : “Wooooot!” As with the first season of The X-Files, I totally enjoyed watching every episode, but there are so flipping many of them. It just takes a while to work my way through the season. And, to be quite honest, I am a little upset that they left the second season with a cliffhanger (like the first…. hey, I sense a theme here). Naturally, what do I, the OCD-Netflix-watching-blog-posting person want to do next? Yep, I totally want to start in on season 3. Damn.


The X-Files: Season 2 picks up where the first left off. Early in season two, Scully is missing, so Mulder finds himself with a new partner for a few investigations. Eventually, Scully turns up. While Mulder believes she was abducted by aliens, I wonder if she just didn’t go on a wild bender in Vegas with the girls. Like Mulder, I also rely heavily on hunches for my investigative work. This season is packed with stories about a town full of cannibals, a possessed senior home, invisible elephants, aliens, and much, much more (!!!). It is up to these two FBI agents, with the help of their lovable yet silly dog, to solve these crimes ( No! It was Mr. Wickles? Gasp! For some reason everything always comes back to Scooby-Doo for me. Or Ghostbusters. I really don’t know why).


As I mentioned in my review of The X-Files: Season 1, I had only seen one episode (about the chupacabra) when it was on air. I thought for sure that episode would turn up in season 2. It didn’t. Darn, I guess I will have to keep watching until I find it. However, I found myself still pleasantly surprised by the show. In particular, I discovered that Scully is pretty cool. Before watching the show, I thought she would be a boring character who would constantly disprove everything Mulder came up with. While she does her fair share of disproving Mulder’s wild ideas, she seems to be a fairly open-minded individual. Plus, she’s intelligent, believes she can pull off the shoulderpad-laden blazer look, and apparently bounces back from head trauma rather well. Yay, Scully!


However, about midway through season 2, I did start to tire a bit of the formula. Really? Scully or Mulder are always about to die at the end of each episode? Really? The town full of cannibals wants to turn Scully into a pot roast? Huh. And Mulder seems to always have a team of federal (or some bureaucratic body) agents following him around, ready to thwart his investigations and cover-up anything he unearths? This seems like a strange job for me. I can just imagine what lunch is like at this top secret organization:

“Hey Frank.”

“Hey, Lou. Have you seen that Mulder guy around lately? I haven’t met my quota for cover-ups this month, and I really want to take the wife on a cruise.”

“Oh yeah? That sounds swell. I just worked on a Mulder cover-up myself. He was almost on to the whole fry cover-up. The man was about able to prove we actually just say we don’t use trans-fats. But I caught him just in time.”

“Sounds like a close one.”

“Yeah, it was. Hey, what are you eating– peanut butter and jelly?”

“No, this is cashew butter.”

“Cashew butter? Never heard of that. Any good?”

“Eh. It does the trick.”

It just seems like an awful lot of work goes into making sure Mulder doesn’t find any evidence ever of what he is looking for. But who am I to judge? I guess it’s a job.


I realize I am hooked. All I want to do right now is watch the first episode of season 3 to see if Mulder is able to get out of the precarious situation he found himself in at the end of season 2. And while I am not too worried (because I know he is in the remaining six seasons of the show), I still want to know. As they say in The X-Files, the truth is out there (and as G.I. Joe says, “knowing is half the battle”). Funny enough, though,  I don’t seem to care as much about the truth as I do the fiction. :)


Thanks for reading and have a fabulous weekend!! :)


Score: A-

Netflix Watch Instantly Queue: 200 (I took off season 2, but added season 3…. this system is not really helping me whittle down my queue!)

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  1. I miss watching the X-Files. During that time, anything was possible… crop circles were everywhere, sightings occurred all the time, and the possibility of actually running into the impossible yourself was entirely plausible.
    Now we’re all so jaded… sigh.

    October 29th, 2010

  2. Rachael

    I want to believe….

    October 30th, 2010

  3. meg

    Yeah– what happened?

    November 2nd, 2010

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